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GRDC Grains Research Updates, online - March 1,2 and 8

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Tuesday 1 March 2022 (Note times are QLD times)

Farming system carbon footprints and sequestration options. Also; Satellite imagery for remote crop sensing.

(AEST, Qld)
Topic Speaker
8:30 AM GRDC John Minogue and John Woods Click here to view the recording 
9:00 AM How large is the greenhouse gas footprint of grains farming systems and options to reduce this. Lindsay Bell (CSIRO)
9:40 AM Carbon sequestration options for grain producers in NSW & Qld - pros, cons and pitfalls. Peter Grace (Queensland University of Technology)
10:15 AM Using satellite imagery, smart phones and drones to classify crops and interpret and predict seasonal growth patterns for on farm decision making and supporting variety selection.
Additional paper by Andries Potgieter (UQ)
Scott Chapman (University of Queensland)
10:45 AM Morning tea

Tuesday 1 March 2022 (Note times are QLD times)

Farming Systems - NNSW & Qld

(AEST, Qld)
Topic Speaker
11:15 AM Farming system nutrient legacies – impacts on N inputs, cycling and recovery of applied fertilisers(6 years of experiments) Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) Click here to view the recording 
11:45 AM Comparing grain and cotton east of the Newell Highway. Impacts on the cropping systems and the advantages of growing summer crops to improve $/mm and as a disease break from winter cereal dominated systems. Jon Baird (NSW DPI)
& Geoff Manchee (Grower, Moree)
12:25 PM How resilient is your farming system strategy for the long haul? Long term simulations of risk and sustainability of various farming systems experiments using APSIM. Jeremy Whish (CSIRO)
12:45 PM Discussion
1:00 PM Lunch

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Nutrition - NNSW & Qld

(AEST, Qld)
Topic Speaker
2:00 PM Deep P and K - a call to action! Critical soil indicators, costs, benefits and timing of deep P & K (outcomes from 8 years of research) David Lester & Doug Sands (DAF Qld) Click here to view the recording 
2:40 PM P dynamics in vertosols - what factors influence how long deep P lasts and the impact of application method and subsequent tillage on plant response. Nelly Raymond (UQ)
3:00 PM Root research: What do wheat and sorghum roots do when water is in one part of the profile and P is in another? Root angle and why does it matter? Frederik van der Bom (UQ)
3:15 PM Nitrogen release dynamics of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers (EEFs): placement, soil factors, plant uptake Cristina Martinez (UQ) & Chelsea Janke (UQ)
3:45 PM Close

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Ameliorating sodicity - Central & Northern NSW & Qld

(AEST, Qld)
Topic Speaker
8:30 AM Ameliorating sodicity; what did we learn about ameliorating sodicity constraints with a range of treatments? ESP vs aggregate stability as an indicator of likely response to gypsum Chris Guppy (UNE) & David Lester (DAF Qld) Click here to view the recording 
9:05 AM Satellite Sites – Ameliorating spatially variable soil constraints. What did growers try, what was done and how has it worked so far Stirling Roberton (USQ)
9:30 AM The economics of ameliorating sodicity with gypsum and lime David McKenzie (Soil Management Designs)
9:55 AM Ameliorating sodicity discussion - a consultants perspective Andrew Ceeney (Pinnacle Agriculture), Graeme Callaghan (Delta Agribusiness), David McKenzie (Soil Management Designs).
10:20 AM Morning tea

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Disease - Northern NSW & Qld

(AEST, Qld)
Topic Speaker
10:50 AM Stripe rust outbreaks in 2021 - what did we learn that’s helpful to planning for 2022? Robert Park (University of Sydney) Click here to view the recording 
11:20 AM Cereal disease issues for 2022.
- What did we learn in 2021 and how can we use this to improve management this season?
- A new seed treatment for crown-rot
- Stripe rust pathotype changes
- Netform net blotch management in barley
- Fungicide timing
- Fungicide resistance
Steven Simpfendorfer (NSW DPI) &
Lisle Snyman (DAF Qld)
11:55 AM Is there a disease downside to stripper fronts? Harvest height implications for crown rot and other stubble borne diseases. Toni Petronaitis (NSW DPI)
12:15 PM Nitrogen impacts on crown-rot and implications for management Mitch Buster (NSW DPI)
12:35 PM Lunch

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Early sown sorghum & SpaceAg

(AEST, Qld)
Topic Speaker
1:35 PM Early sown sorghum and WUE efficiency Loretta Serafin (NSW DPI) & Daniel Rodriguez (UQ) Click here to view the recording 
2:20 PM SpaceAg - Sensors for NASA so astronauts can keep an eye on crops grown in space – developing sensor systems to provide early warnings if something needs attention Jacob Humpal (USQ)
2:55 PM Close

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Nutritional decision making for 2022 - Northern NSW & Qld

Topic Speaker
9:00 AM Farming system nutrient legacies – impacts on N inputs, cycling and recovery of applied fertilisers (6 years of experiments)
- What can we expect after cereals, fabas and chickpeas in 2021?
Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) & Jon Baird (NSW DPI) Click here to view the recording 
9:30 AM Nitrogen movement, use efficiency and timing of fertiliser application; how much fertiliser are 2022 crops likely to see and utilise? Richard Daniel (NGA)
9:55 AM Optimising rate and timing of N not already applied across crop types James Hagan (DAF Qld)
10:20 AM Deep P and K - a call to action! Critical soil indicators, costs and benefits of deep P & K and timing Mike Bell (UQ) & Michael Ledingham (Grower, Moree)
10:55 AM Panel discussion on N issues and strategies for 2022 after big offtakes in 2021 and high fertiliser prices: How much soil N is there and what are soil tests telling us? Is there inconsistency between N legacy expectation and reality? Issues with crop access to N applied to vertosols late in northern dryland fallows. Discussion of situations and scenarios that growers and agronomists are facing in March 2022 Chair Chris Dowling (BackPaddock Co)
11:25 AM Close