Herbicide behaviour workshops

ICAN is delivering a series of GRDC supported workshops for agronomists on the science underpinning how herbicides work and its application to field practice. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the key factors dictating herbicide performance and what can be done in the paddock to ensure weed control is maximised.

A thorough understanding of how herbicides work assists agronomists and growers to maximise herbicide performance. When confronted with a range of weed problems and environmental conditions, the challenge is to optimise the results in the field.

Knowing what weeds will be controlled from a herbicide application is the easy bit – it’s on the label.

More challenging questions include:

  • Why do herbicides perform or fail in some situations?
  • Critical comments on the label. Why do they exist and how were they developed?
  • How do adjuvants and water conditioning agents work? What should be used, when and why?
  • How does resistance affect different herbicides? What strategies can be used as resistance emerges?
  • How do residual herbicides work and what influences their breakdown?

Postponed workshop locations from 2020 - rescheduled dates for 2021

  • Hamilton, VIC - Tuesday 20 & Wednesday 21 April 2021 [FULL CLOSED TO REGISTRATIONS]
  • Horsham, VIC - Thursday 22 & Friday 23 April 2021 [FULL CLOSED TO REGISTRATIONS]

If interested in attending a herbicide behaviour workshop, please email erica@icanrural.com.au or Ph: 02 9482 4930 to add your name to the waiting list. You will be notified if further workshops are scheduled.

Please note: As ICAN requires interstate travel from Queensland to deliver these workshops, they will only proceed if state boarders entry/exit is permitted at the time of the workshop. Should we need to postpone any workshop(s), registrants will be able to hold their spot for a rescheduled workshop OR obtain a refund. Due to Covid restrictions, pre-registration is essential for these workshops and registrations will not be taken on the day.