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GRDC herbicide workshops for agronomists - March 2018

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Half-day workshops for grains advisers

A thorough understanding of how herbicides work can assist you to maximise herbicide performance. As an agronomist, you are confronted with a wide range of weed problems and environmental conditions. Your challenge is to optimise the result for your client.

Knowing what weeds will be controlled from a herbicide application is the easy bit – it’s on the label. But do you take notice of the critical comments, wonder how important they are , why they exist, or how they were developed?

ICAN have developed two GRDC supported workshops for agronomists which go into the science behind the herbicide labels. As a result of participating in these workshops you will leave with a better understanding of how herbicides work and what you can do in the paddock to ensure results are maximised.

Workshop contents
Understanding post-emergent grass herbicides (including glyphosate and paraquat) Pre-emergent herbicides and interaction with the soil and environment
This workshop covers the science that underpins how different post-emergent grass active herbicides work and links this understanding to optimising field performance.

The workshop delves into herbicide biochemistry and applies this thinking to everyday herbicide decisions.

Topics covered:
- modes of action (herbicide biochemistry)
- how post-emergent herbicides enter the plant and what we can do to maximise uptake (formulation, application & adjuvants)
- where the herbicide needs to get to within the plant and how it gets there (translocation)
- how the herbicides are broken down within the crop and the weed (selectivity and metabolism)
- interactions between different herbicides, adjuvants and water quality (synergy, antagonism, compatibility)
- known resistance mechanisms explained for the different modes of action
Increasing resistance to post-emergent herbicides is forcing a re-think on the reliance on using knockdown herbicides as the sole basis for weed control programs. As advisers look towards more integrated solutions, the use of pre-emergent herbicides has been on the increase.

In order to achieve predictable performance from pre-emergent herbicides agronomists need to understand the properties of the pre-emergent herbicide and how this interacts with the soil and the environment.

Topics covered:
- interactions with stubble
- volatility, photodegradation and incorporation
- influence of soil type, soil moisture and position of the herbicide
- solubility and binding
- herbicide breakdown, persistence and impact on rotational crops
- incorporation by planting equipment

These workshops have been developed to ensure agronomists understand the underpinning science, and will challenge experienced agronomists seeking to optimise herbicide use in the paddock. While targeted to agronomists, interested growers are welcome.

Cost is $50 (GST inclusive) per workshop. Workshops will be in a small group format and run for 4 hours. Participant numbers will be limited to ensure active participation and discussion. Pre-registration is essential.

Enquiries or to register interest in attending a workshop near you, please contact ICAN: Ph: 02 9482 4930 Fx: 02 9482 4931 or fill in the on-line registration form below.

Online registration is available below. If you would like to register multiple people from the same organisation, please contact us for a group booking.

Dates and locations

March 2018 Location 8.00am-noon 1.00-5.00pm Venue
Tuesday 13th COWRA Post-emergent & non-selective modes of action Cowra Services Club,
101 Brisbane St
Wednesday 14th COOTAMUNDRA Post-emergent & non-selective modes of action Soil behaviour of pre-emergent herbicides Coota Ex-Services Club,
299 Parker St
Friday 16th COBRAM Post-emergent & non-selective modes of action Soil behaviour of pre-emergent herbicides Sporties Barooga,
Burkinshaw St, Barooga
Monday 19th SWAN HILL Post-emergent & non-selective modes of action Comfort Inn Lady Augusta,
375 Campbell St
Tuesday 20th GRIFFITH [FULL] Post-emergent & non-selective modes of action [FULL] Soil behaviour of pre-emergent herbicides [FULL] Griffith Exies,
Jondaryan Ave
Wednesday 21st WAGGA WAGGA Post-emergent & non-selective modes of action Wagga Ag Institute,
Pine Gully Drv
Thursday 22nd DUBBO Post-emergent & non-selective modes of action Dubbo RSL,
178 Brisbane St
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