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Facilitation Skills Workshop

Facilitation Skills Workshop

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Help groups to achieve better outcomes

Facilitation skills are essential for anyone running meetings or managing groups of people.

This one-day workshop covers the skill sets needed to achieve more targeted and sustainable outcomes from your meetings, workshops or training events.

Great facilitators identify and implement the right process for workshops and meetings to achieve lasting objectives. They have the process and skill set to tap into the depth of experience in the room, engage and guide participation and ensure that outcomes are not only developed and understood, but owned by the group. They manage the process of communication and group dynamics to ensure information is both presented and received in a manner to optimise decision-making or learning.

Skills and techniques covered are directly applicable in any meeting or training workshop, from meetings with workplace teams; conflict resolution; client meetings; and group training. Skills help guide and engage discussion relevant to meeting objectives, while keeping activity focused on attaining meeting objectives, often while managing issues such as side tracking and a range of behavioural issues with team members.

If you run meetings with either groups of growers, internal work teams or client groups, the skill sets in this workshop will be invaluable and have immediate applicability and impact. The skill sets are equally applicable when planning information dissemination and training workshops, as when running fact finding sessions to inform new projects or understand current attitudes and practices. The skill sets are invaluable when running team meetings to help build team ownership of outcomes, find common consensus and engage teams when defining complex issues such as future strategy.

The ICAN Facilitation Skills Workshop is a high intensity, one-day, small group format workshop. It covers theory and practical components that are relevant to your workplace, ready for you to start using right away to improve your workplace impact.

The workshop focusses on the ability to:

  • Increase participant engagement in workshops and meetings
  • Use and manipulate group dynamics
  • Drive group and individual learning and decision making through sharing of information, structured planning and purposeful use of process.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the process focused role of facilitation and the adult learning principles that underpin these processes
  • Identify, select and use facilitation skills appropriate to meeting/situation and objectives

Course dates & details

No courses currently scheduled.
Please contact Erica at or Ph: 02 9482 4930 to be advised of future workshops.


Time: 8.30am-5.00pm
Small group format
Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea will be provided, along with a detailed training resource.

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