Suggest a GRDC Grains Research Update topic

The GRDC Grains Research Updates continue to be a key forum for the latest grains research information on issues relevant to the productivity and profitability of regional grains farming businesses.

If you have suggestions on timely, relevant and new research, topics or speakers we would love to hear your ideas!

Researchers can be local, national or international.

An ideal Update topic meets the following criteria with "new" being the most important.

  • It should provide either new data and/or insight
  • Be topical - of regional / seasonal interest
  • Be timely
  • Have practical applications in farming systems, risk or environmental management
  • Be ready to use so growers and advisers can benefit from applying it in the coming season(s)

Please include a sentence or two describing the topic. If you know who could present it, please also include the name and organisation of the potential speaker(s).