Facilitation Skills

Facilitation skills benefit anyone managing groups of people.

This one-day workshop provides the skill sets you need to achieve more targeted and sustainable outcomes from your meetings, workshops and training events.

Great facilitators focus on identifying and implementing the right process for workshops and meetings to achieve objectives, keep the meeting on track, and ensure that those with something to contribute have the opportunity to do so. A great facilitator understands and uses relevant experience in the group to actively engage and guide participation - ensuring that key messages and outcomes are not only developed and understood, but owned by the group. In the context of facilitating information extension workshops, they are process managers - managing the process of communication and group dynamics to ensure information is both presented and received in a manner that directly relates to improved decision-making or learning.

Similarly when running meetings with workplace teams, facilitation skills help guide and engage discussion relevant to meeting objectives, while keeping discussion focused on meeting objectives, often while managing issues such as side tracking and a range of behavioural issues with team members.

The ICAN Facilitation Skills Workshop is a high intensity, one-day, small group format workshop. It covers theory and practical components that are relevant to your workplace that can be immediately implemented to improve your workplace impact.

The workshop focusses on the ability to:

  • Gain a higher level of participant engagement in workshops and meetings
  • Use and manipulate group dynamics in meetings and workshops
  • Drive group and individual learning and decision making through sharing of information

Learning objectives

  • Understand the process focused role of facilitation and the adult learning principles that underpin these processes
  • Identify, select and use facilitation skills appropriate to meeting/situation and objectives

Course dates & details



Time: 8.30am-5.00pm
Small group format
Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea will be provided, along with a detailed training resource.

Feedback from previous participants

"The workshop brought many ideas and concepts together for me. The importance of clear objectives (get them right and it sets a path for better contributions, recording and evaluation). I liked the ideas for managing behaviour in team meetings with a suite of non-confrontational techniques. The process reflection was very useful and a great refresher."
David Lawrence, DAF QLD

"Clear process to follow right down to selecting the sequence of questions to plan for. The concept of 'self direction' in a learning environment is very powerful. Afternoon session practicing facilitation skills was excellent. Receiving and giving feedback to others was a powerful learning experience. A great day."
Lisa McFadyen, Ag Value NSW

"Well done! Will be applying learnings on what can go wrong and how to transition through these situations."
Drew Penberthy, Consultant Penagcon Bellata

"The practical session was a great way to finish. Having a go and being critiqued on my skills was very valuable, and also being involved by assessing others was a powerful learning experience. Will definitely use the session planner for future sessions."
Greg Brooke, NSW DPI

"Great introduction to facilitation, clear notes and well structured."
Annie Van der Meulen, DAF QLD

"5 out of 5! Using group memory, session planning and tools for engagement were all fabulous."
Lindsay Bell, CSIRO

"5 out of 5! The course notes and structure were excellent. The hands-on facilitation challenged me and pushed me outside my comfort zone to try some new things. Really enjoyed the day."
Kaara Klepper, DAF Qld

"Explanation of structure behind facilitating, breakdown and reasons behind it. Use of tools and backup plans. Full marks!"
Kellie Jones, FarmLink NSW

"5 out of 5! The practical session at the end really tied it all together well."
Chris Minehan, Consultant RMS Wagga Wagga

"Everyone appeared to get a lot out of the day. Simple tools were shared to better facilitate meetings."
Arthur Gearon, GRDC North Region Panel, Chinchilla

Enquiries or to register interest in attending a course, please contact ICAN: Ph: 02 9482 4930 Fx: 02 9482 4931 or erica@icanrural.com.au