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GRDC Grains Research Updates, Live Stream

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In addition to being run as face to face Updates, the Joyes Hall at Wagga Wagga and the main auditorium at Goondiwindi will be live streamed for online viewing.

There is no cost to view the live stream events but there is a cost to participate ‘in-person’.

Not all concurrent sessions will be live streamed. Please refer to the agenda for details.

Dates and locations of GRDC Grains Research Updates that will be live streamed:

  • Wagga Wagga – Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 February 2022
  • Goondiwindi – Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 March 2022

For those that would like to register to attend these GRDC Grains Research Updates face-to-face, please click here.

For those that would like to register to be sent a link to enable on-line participation in the live streaming of these events, please fill out the registration below.

How live streaming will work:

  • After registering, you will receive a registration email confirming you are registered.
  • Closer to the day, we will provide you a link to view the live stream and links to papers

Start times:

  • Live streams will start at 10am (Day 1) or 8:30am (Day 2) local time (please note Qld/NSW time difference)

Agendas will be available here soon.

If you would like to register multiple people from the same organisation or have any queries, please contact Erica McKay or Andrea Mathers on 02 9482 4930. Email: Erica McKay

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