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Run on behalf of the GRDC, the northern Grains Research Updates are workshops to provide grain growers and/or their advisers with the latest research outcomes for their region.

2-day Updates


Researchers, agronomists, growers and consultants network, share ideas and update their knowledge. If you are involved in the grains industry, these are events that you cannot afford to miss. The Updates are run in February/March each year. Agendas and registration forms will be available below.

Dates and locations for the 2019, 2-day Updates


1-day Updates


1-day Updates are single day seminars. Topics for 1-day Updates are chosen by a local planning committee comprising of local growers and agronomists. This ensures the agendas meet local information needs. Locations of the 1-day Updates vary each year. Eight 1-day Updates are run annually in the traditional GRDC northern grains region.

Dates and locations for the December 2018 1-day Updates are:

Dates and locations for the February/March 2019 1-day Updates are:

Cost: $30 pp. and $20 for subsequent people per farm. Lunch, morning tea and proceedings provided.

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Papers from previous GRDC Updates


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Update fliers with mail/fax registration forms

Emerald/Biloela GRDC Update flier and printable registration form

Facebook/Twitter images for the 1-day Updates

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